you post reminded me of my surprise when i learned an uncle (by marriage) who was a doctor, (and head of of the Bronx county public service) was a board certifed dermatologist!

syphilis was (in times past) a disease for dermatogists--since it first manifest as a skin lesion.

by the time i knew Uncle Irving, (the mid 70's) i associated dermatologist with cosmetic skin treatments (and acne) not at all with STD's!

what the situation now? (can one of the board doctors help?) is there a specialy for STD?
most women would go to a gyn if they thought they had a STD
and i think men would go to urologist.. (or GP/internist)

but which medical specialty would consentrate on STD's? (there is now a specialty for public health/communicably diseases, isn't there?)