Cheap accommodations? If the warm weather holds - camp out. Kentucky has circled a well-appointed park system in and around Lexington. This past weekend I camped at General Burnside State Park which is about sixty-five miles south of Lexington near Somerset and collected fossils along the Cumberland river and visited some non commercial caves near-by. My three day tour of the area set me back almost sixty-five bucks {including liquor) . I rode around with some yankee pals and ate most meals at camp through the hospitable nature and largesse of those who like to cook.

If motor touring and camping is possible for you, send me a PM outling your available time and I'll be happy to suggest some free but cool diversions and neat things to see.

But Please Note: No collecting of rocks or fossils or plants are permitted in any of the state parks of Kentucky without a permit. And unless you have a responsible local free guide who is affiliated with the National Speleological Society, don't visit the non-commericial caves. Pay the twelve bucks and visit Mammoth Cave National Park and see part of the longest cave in the world (three-hundred and fifty-plus miles long). You'll be glad you did.

Postscript: Gasoline prices in mid-Kentucky (as of 10-3-04) average about $1.95 per gallon.