My planning period happens to be in the same room with a German class. I tried to copy out a German expression, but couldn't keep up with the teacher since my computer is behind the teacher's lectern and his screen is just about out of sight. But the expression was comical--and I did my best to copy it out correctly.

Would any of you care to correct my spelling? I would ask him, but he's busy and, quite frankly, I'd be a little embarrassed to admit that I was copying out his work while entering grades here at the computer.


Jemand, der daruber, dass kein Haar in der Suppe ist, solane den Kopf schuttelt, bis eins drin ist.

I spotted an umlaut over daruber and I think over 'schuttelt', but I'm not sure whether that 'l' in schuttelt was an 'l' or an 'i'.