Hmm. My daughter is one of those mirror image lefties. Both of her grandfathers were left-handed. Her paternal grandfather died decades ago (I never met him) and my father hasn't been left-handed since he started writing and had it beaten out of him by superstitious idiots. His handwriting is weird, slants all over the place. I wonder whether he was one of those mirror image guys. My late-ex-father-in-law had a set of left-handed golf clubs, which makes me think he was a mirror image specimen. My daughter surely is; all her life when she has imitated me doing anything (turning a switch, using a potter's wheel) she has exactly reversed everything. Which meant we had to use a wheel whose direction could be switched.

And I wonder whether people stay of the mirror image persuasion even when they have been trained out of left-handedness. I mean in their brain chemistry or whatever.

I remember watching AnnaS write in that Anglo-Saxon class we took 28 years ago thinking I'd have to tie my ass in a knot to do that.