why didn't you simply send me a personal note Because* my attention was called to it by someone else it offended; not the one with whom you have been arguing so much. I declare, I've pretty much gotten to where I don't look at anything either of you post.
*I see now that I should have sent a PM. My apologies; and, thank you.

Far be it from me to even think of criticizing anyone for writing whatever their muse leads them to, but. Since we have had a lot of new people--oh, I came across about four new ones just reading this category last night: a bleated (Ack--make that belated! ) welcome to you all--let me say again that I think it would be nice if we all kept in mind that we have no way of knowing who will read what we post, and therefore no way of knowing what might offend. It would be different if this were a porn site, or any site where that type of language has been common; people would know then what to expect. Here, by and large, we have managed to stay at what in my mind is a level up from that. Quite likely a poetry site would have welcomed it and shock would have come only at someone complaining about it. Down and dirty has its place, and can be a lot of fun; but so far this hasn't been the place for it. That could change, I suppose, but I'd regret it very much.