Dear all, with all of your valued work I would like to rewrite my post again for your review. I hope you can raise your ax again if there are something (that?) can be said differently.
Hi,everyone. I'm a newbie here though I have been a reader since a long time ago.

I'm not a native English speaker but I'm learning English. I feel awkward in composing, so I'm trying to write diaries in English to practice it. I'm very unconfident in it. So recently a flakey idea came to my mind. Can I post it on wordsmith and get some directions?

I hope it's acceptable here. So I would like to have a try here. And if some of you have any suggestions for its correction or alteration, I hope you could post them, from which I could learn.

I don't think this may interest everyone. So if this is not interesting to you, just ignore this.

Thanks very much.


Iím learning English. If u find anywhere I can improve my composition, Pls do let me know. Bow.

Do inform me if you see any corrections needed in my written English.