Excellent thinking, Wordwind, write Harper Lee now. If you can reach her I'll bet that she will be delighted to respond. Please let us know if she does.

As for your three classes of ninth graders, I'll bet that the method of teaching by establishing conections with subects of personal intrests to your students will also spill over into their understanding of the symbolism and subtleties of literature. This enjoyment of living that you might add to only one of your ingrateful and socially self-centered urchins is a gift beyond measure. I know, I myself am a reformed self-centered urchin.

Of course,I know that you are well aware of the good that you do, but I just wanted to say it myself as a way of saying "thank you".

(If can find any of the so-called rabbit tobacco in the woods this week-end I will have a sample identified at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham Tuesday and repot back.)