P.S.--What's a "wiki"? I took a look at the link you posted; a lot of it made no sense to me; just too much for me to try and learn even the lingo, let alone how to play.

A "wiki" is short for "wikipedia". I've not idea where the term comes from, but a wiki is basically an online encyclopedia that any reader can add to or edit. Of course, this means that incorrect stuff can be added, but it also means that the incorrect or out-of-date stuff can be quickly updated.

There is a bit of a learning curve to ARGs, but coincidentally, I had been doing some reading up on the history of The Beast a couple of weeks ago, and I was just thinking that I'd love to participate in a new version of it. My timing was perfect, which seems a bit suspicious, now that I think about it... (one side-effect of ARGs appears to be increasing your Paranoia Quotient dramatically!)