GEICO: "you bring good news"
---------------SEED IS ABOVE--------------------
Washington, DC: BED GIG? NOUNS ROY... -- OW!

futures markets spec. position tip: BIRD EGG, UNO? OWN SOY!

from Clockwork Orange cutting room in response to
fungible line fr. Rebel W/out a C[l]ause "
whataya wanna do...": "DRIB NEWSY, GOGO, UNO?!!"

world news tonight with Michael Savage: BIDS GORGE ON UN YOW

the final word: I BOND OWE GUNS ORGY

how not to ask for Roy's gun: DIBS WEN GUN GOO ROY

and a final freak fungible from New Yorker cartoon man in Chinese restaurant, plate in front of him, looking at waiter with wry cynicism: YOU CALL -THIS- MOO GOO GAI PAN?

[I know, but...]

RESPOND!! you can't that is why.... J'accuse!!!
'Qui, I? [not] Genet'...rather, a quidnunc trepidacious of fungible epicaricacious [schadenfreude? MyFavSesquiPedWord! J'accuse!!!!] pareidolia, that's it Castanza-esque baby! No, Elaine, you! Words words words! Say - who are 'y'all' people anyway?; this works for me *blush*. I, OK, I've BONDed with you... you JAMESians!
I love 'y'all' "man"! Yes: YOU! : The Lost Worder Warriors of Studiovoltaire-grihlaah!! Ahhh... you - bring - good - news... car insurance from Geico!
Chancellor Apparent / Voltaire University

'I am [not] Genet' ..piff: merely a quidnunc trepidacious of fungible epicaricacious pareidolia.

If I had not spelled the SUPERCOMMIXSWITCHFUNGE Shagri~* the way I did: you simples// simply would not have gOTTen it, yiw kniw? I was HELPING YOU! if that's still OK in CorpWebWeriKafkaNuts k, sorry -nets! You know that old saying, folk wisdom, "UNO BIRD... CLUMP!" ---- AAAHhhh!!

INSANE FOOLS!! Why have you not done movie lines: Maltese Falcon and RAISED the money to reshoot them -- or subtitle them visual, kinna...

I smell Money here people -- K, I've made a decision, since I'm sort of a little bit new here, I'VE READ EVERY BURROUGHS TO_E 200000 times, OK!!>>>??? I've cut them up 800000000 times Ian? OK?? so --- that is why I'm cutting 'yall' in on the money funny movie deal... FIRST FILM TO ANAGRAM-E-TAKE is The Hustler -- for the 6 yr olds (that's OK, get a lawyer though, Jackie Koonan[? sry] Law) The HUSTLER had Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman in it -- LINE *Fast Eddie to MN Fats [tight-tough pool smoke room]* =::SEED::> 'YOU OWE ME MONEY!!-@+!' becomes in the mouth of over-writ Newman *same exact scene otherwise, ya?*:

alt.: " ME!!?!!? MENU OWE? -- YOYO! "

'I am [not] Genet' ..piff: merely a quidnunc trepidacious of fungible epicaricacious pareidolia.