Excuse me, mea culpa [<--THAT's wroted in Latin and it secretly means 'I am the carrot'] Mea culpa, I thought this forum was for adult avatars. I am the carrot.
http://9penguinnight9.net/Invision/index.php?s=d73dd65b7e259366f8741f399a4fefb9&act=ST&f=2&t=4&st=0#entry8 <-- I FORBID you to click on this MachismoMachiavellianTriCups! So when your better half came onto me so stridently, I thought, well... sure there's grown folks here, past hazing and iggying and two word posts to raise their scores for some kinna awe - full - some cachet [<--THAT's a FraauUNnsaaay word, it means 'I like claret'. But no wine in here I can tell you; and... also you are ... oh, I'm so not supposed to _______ !

ECHO VI? LOU MOUSY. CEO, OH! IV SLUM YOU! OUCH! YE SOIL OVUM! www.9penguinnight9.net

'I am [not] Genet' ..piff: merely a quidnunc trepidacious of fungible epicaricacious pareidolia.