the ethnicity is totally irrelevant

You've probably all heard that the New Caledonians recently got their independence, and, of course, immediately petioned to join the UN. Well, they waited and waited for news about their membership and heard nothing. Then, one day, just one day before an important pig feast, they got word that they were to send a delegation to the UN for the meeting in which their membership was going to be voted on. They had been fasting in preparation for the feast but they had to get to New York as quickly as possible for the meeting. They took a boat to the main island and caught a plane to Sydney and then to Los Angeles and another to NYC. All this time they were unable to eat anything, due to the scheduling of the flights and when they got to the UN they were extremely hungry, but they had to go directly to the meeting. Naturally, the meeting dragged on for hours and hours before they even got to the question of New Caledonian membership and then, when the question was brought up, every delegation had to speak for five minutes or more about what a great honor it was to be able to vote for their inclusion. Finally, the vote was taken and it was unanimous. The New Caledonians were happy, but more to the point, they were starving. Fortunately, one of the delegation knew about a New Caledonian restaurant in Queens so they decided to go there. As fate would have it, in their haste to leave the building, they all tried to jam into the same section of the revolving door at the exit and it stuck. Helpful suggestions from the other delegation were to no avail and it was hours before someone got a janitor who unlocked the mechanism that held the doors in position and they were free to go.

The moral of the story is:

Don't put all your New Caledonians in one exit.

Well, it was funny when it was about Basques.