Here is a word and math conundrum that might amuse the more omnium-gatherumists among the light-hearted posters of this AWAD forum ...

Jet and the Chick and her Three Little Daughters

Jet is a bud of mine. We are nerds, and we share two interests - women and mathematics. In that order in my case, and in the case of Jet, quite the opposite.

ME: (knocking on Jet's door) Knock! Knock! Knock!

JET: Hey amemeba, com'on in.
Hey buddy , did you notice that good-looking chick buck-dancing at Burly Earls last night? She is quite the (wink-smile) gay divorcee, but it seems that she has three children - all girls.

ME: Well yes, Jet, that might prove to be a problem. How old are her little girls?

JET: Well if you multiplied their ages by each other the product would be thirty-six.

ME: Com'on Jet, there are several combinations of three numbers that if multiplied would total thirty-six. I need more information to determine their ages.

JET: (reluctantly) OK, innumberignorant, the sum of their three ages is the same number as my apartment number - upon which you just knocked.

ME: Maybeso, Jet, I know well your apartment number, but I still need more information to determine the ages of the gay divorcee's three little girls.

JET: (sighs with resign) OK, amemeba, the oldest little girl has blue eyes.