Here's Word #3:

lacustrine, adj. (luh-KUSS-trin) of, relating to, formed in, living in, or growing in lakes.

Again, an excerpt from Proust: the foot of the path which led down to the artificial lake, there might be seen, in its two tiers woven of forget-me-nots and periwinkle flowers, a natural, delicate, blue garland encircling the water's luminous and shadowy brow, while the iris, flourishing its sword-blades in regal profusion, stretched out over agrimony and water-growing crowfoot the tattered fleurs-de-lis, violet and yellow, of its lacustrine sceptre.

From vol 1, Swann's Way

p.s. Thanks, jheem, for the links. As you can see, I haven't quite deciphered them yet.