".... Funeral Home, You stab 'em - We'll slab 'em

that was a *very* popular way to answer the phone when i was a kid, along with "[Family name]'s Mortuary.. you kill 'em, we chill 'em"

They ranked right up there with the delights of calling a random house and asking if their refrigerator was running (..well you'd better go catch it}, calling a delicatesson and asking if they have pig's feet [or chicken legs] (*wow*, don't you find it terribly hard to walk??)

then of course there was the old favorite of having a group of your friends call the same random number all day long, asking for "Mike" (this didn't work if you happened upon a household with a member named 'mike', though it never occured to us to use a less common name), then at the end of the day calling the same number, introducing yourself as Mike and asking if you'd missed any calls.

Now with the development of Caller ID our unfortunate children will have to find other ways to channel their energies.

anyone else have some juvenile phone goodies to share??? hmm... something tells me you people didn't do that sort of thing...