I remember actually using that "5 chalk" thing in school. (Back in the days when we clapped erasers to clean them and when it was an honor to stay after school and clean the blackboard for your favorite teacher.)

Twenty years ago or so, I went into a gullectible store named Annie Teaks & Uncle Junques.

On a bit more morbid note, a friend of mine used to hang out with a buddy whose dad owned a mortuary. Sometimes after closing hours when the phone would ring he would answer it with ".... Funeral Home, You stab 'em - We'll slab 'em. ooops, Sorry! This was supposed to go under the Jobs thread.

I have spent the last two days trying to read all the postings and links...I don't think I'll ever catch up, but it's been fun. I am an addict of your humour. I've already been concerned about this upcoming weekend. Whatever will I do for two whole days without awadtalk. I just might have to get the net at the house.