A few years ago, we had a game going in the local bar rag which combined names of members into law firms. The only rule was that the names had to be names of actual people practicing in the county. Here are some of them:

Chrysler, Ford, Nash & Carr
Flood, Waters, Brooks & Poole
Rainey, Day
Moore & Moore
Snow & Frost
Roy, Rogers
Browning, Boyle, Fry & Birn
Lawless, Hood, Crooks & Mol
Lick, Sweet, Canady, Kane
Betz & Owen
Parrish, Church, Bell, Bishop, Angell, Neal & Grace
Loose, Seaman, Fell, Downs
Piggish, Hoag & Ham
So, Long
Short, Sheets
Cheetham & Howe
Marshall, Dillon
Banks, Bond, Economy, Price & Profit
Field, Meadows & Parks
Webb, Wing, Waddell & Kluck
Silver, Bell & Holaday
Maki, Long, Storey, Short