A bit of trivia about honey. Remember in the Anabasis, Herodotus tells of Greeks getting sick from eating honey
they found. Presumably because bees there were pasturing on
a type of laurel which has something toxic in the nectar.I'll go search for more information.

Here's a URL about it. Doesn't mention Anabasis, sob,sob!

Good old Perseus!
Perseus Project: Xenophon Anabasis 4.8.18-21

[18] Then the peltasts of the Arcadian division, who were commanded by
Aeschines the Acarnanian, getting the idea that the enemy were in
flight, set up a shout and began to run; and they were the first to
reach the summit of the mountain, while following close after them came
the Arcadian division of hoplites, under the command of Cleanor of

[19] As for the enemy, once the peltasts began to run they no longer stood
their ground, but betook themselves hither and thither in flight. After
accomplishing the ascent the Greeks took up quarters in numerous
villages, which contained provisions in abundance.

[20] Now for the most part there was nothing here which they really
found strange; but the swarms of bees in the neighbourhood were
numerous, and the soldiers who ate of the honey all went off their
* heads, and suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea, and not one of them
could stand up, but those who had eaten a little were like people
exceedingly drunk, while those who had eaten a great deal seemed like
crazy, or even, in some cases, dying men.

[21] So they lay there in great numbers as though the army had suffered
a defeat, and great despondency prevailed. On the next day, however, no
one had died, and at approximately the same hour as they had eaten the
* honey they began to come to their senses; and on the third or fourth day
they got up, as if from a drugging.