I sometimes surprises me how vehemently people feel about something that has become phenomenally popular.

For instance, Céline Dion is one of the best-loved singers in America. She sells millions of records yet all of a sudden, all we hear is how people despise her. It has became uncool to like her and the Céline lovers don’t voice their opinion. Who wants to be uncool? Nobody wants to sit at the geek table so people don’t speak up...yet, as I said, millions of records are sold.

The same holds true for Titanic.

Can somebody with knowledge of psychology explain that phenomenon to me?

Oh, and for the record, French Céline – love, English Céline – not crazy about, Titanic – like enough to watch again when I’m feeling soupe-au-lait*.

I have no idea what the English equivalent of soupe-au-lait is. It’s when you’re feeling emotional and teary for no particular reason and anything will set the sprinklers flowing - a sad commercial, a misspoken word – anything. Soupe-au-lait literally translated means milk soup.