Thank goodness my intentional mondegreen was not interpreted as a genuine mis-hearing.

Thanks Maahey.

And Faldage - you may well favour the Killer Tomatoes over the fake Bela Lugosi, and there is no abrading taste, no doubt, but most of us will have obscure films we know of, but they are unlikely to make lists purely on account of their obscurity. I mean, for goodness' sakes, I grew up in India - you think anyone brought up on a diet of Bollywood films doesn't have about 15 nominees that outshine any crap Hollywood has ever produced?

I agree that overhyped or over-rated is not the same as worst - but these are cultural lists and we probably need a shared vocabulary here - movies we could all be expected to have seen, or heard of, that truly aren't worth it. Films we were peer-pressured into watching that were truly a waste of our lives. Particularly the art-house ones we watched to be with 'intellectual' girlfriends. (Come to think of it, I think Ingmar Bergman is probably the worst director ever, from that point of view - never have I felt more like giving up on life than during Cries and whispers, unless it was during Fanny and Alexander. I can do arthouse with some of the best of them. I loved Wajda. I thoroughly loved the Werner Herzog festival. But Bergman sucks the life force out of me. He is the Darth Vader of cinema.)

Oh dear. I'm not sure why it is this topic has brought out my inner ranter. Apologies to all for my curmudgeonly intemperance.

the sunshine "You have suffered until you've seen Zehreela insaan" warrior