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(Rant programme initialised.


I'm Brit and I'm proud of the first place choice. I suspect the point is not really about the worst feature film ever (Ed Wood's Plan 9 from outer space is still in pole position for that - I've seen it and know this for a fact), but about the most overhyped. My favourite, for instance, in the sphere of literature - most over-rated novel of all time: Wuthering Heights.

To that extent, I think Titanic has to take the palm. I managed to avoid watching it for a long time until, stuck in a small town in Ohio one day, I had to catch it on video, or ritually kill the two cats and the budgie. So Titanic it was and, of all the appalling bits, of course, the worst was Heartwheel. I'd avoided the song for ages on radio and elsewhere, but when Canada's worst ever export (and I'm sorry, my Canadian friends - but after Neil Young and even Bryan Adams, did you really think you'd stockpiled enough goodwill to inflict this upon us?), starts going "Nee... faaaa.... wher AIvuh u aaa [dum dum dum, and then the awful exhortation] my heartwheel, go on..." my heart quails within me. Why does this blasted woman want to get rid of her heartwheel, and what does that have to do with Kate Winslet?

I'm sorry if you consider this peccable, but no - Titanic won about 2million Oscars, and not even one of them was deserved. So there.

(Rant over.)


the sunshine "I preferred Brief Encounter" warrior