auugh! the post i made hours ago? where is it?

ok--again.. basicly, my dear Mr bingley, i dunno, but...

czar (or tsar, if you'd like) is from the german, kaiser, (which is from the latin ceasar).. and in some thread in the past, about numbers, i think, only i know i mentioned zwieback (twice bakedbread) and its verged on to a food thread-- in anycase, in that thread, some one pointed out some numbers in russian (2, and others) were very similar to the german..

so there are at least 2 words.. there have been posts on and off from those who know some russian, you could do an informal survey.. (maybe someone else remembers another thread/post (i'm not interested enough to look it, to be honest, but zwieback is an ususal enough word that using the search tool should be possible)