Human Resources. It's what they call Personnel these days.

there main fuctions these days it find out ways of reducing humam resources, or at least the cost of them.. see outsourcing!

[start of rant]Lately, their main function seems to be dreaming up yet more training courses on 'soft issues' such as 'dealing with conflict' or 'discrimination in the work-place' and avoiding anything remotely related to the technical apects of the work. The soft issues are important in themselves but should be kept in perspective when reviewing what is required to ensure competency. Of course, the 'soft issues' are the only ones that you might consider HR competent to deal with, so it may have something to do with ensuring that they are keeping busy; or am I being cynical? [end of rant][apologies to any HR people on the board - you know I don't really mean it; some of my best friends....]