I think this is technically a YART but I think things beyond a certain age shouldn't count as YARTs - no one can remember them and besides, there are usually enough new people who haven't discussed the subject!

My Newfoundland favourites are:

Baie D'Espoir: pronounced "Bay despair" (opposite of the true meaning, which is "Bay of Hope")
Pouch Cove: pronounced "Pooch Cove", like a small dog!
Quidi Vidi: we say "kiddie viddie" which is the usual pronunciation, although you do hear "Kw-eye-duh Veye-duh" from some folks
Argentia: it's "Ar-JEN-cha" and foreigners often try to pronounce the last syllable "tee-uh" instead.
LeMarchant Road: Newcomers often try to pronounce this with a French accent - pointless! Throw your French accents out the window when reading Newfoundland names! It's Luh-MAR-chent.
Others which people try to Frenchify (an easy mistake to make from the spellings) are Port-Aux-Basques and Baie Verte.