I don't recall that we have ever turned our attention to names which are pronounced in a strange fashion, or not as one would expect them to be from how they are written. (Of course, I could be wrong and we have been into this, given that I disappear from time to time and miss a good bit, especially since posts multiply faster than rabbits when you're not watching them, and I tend to whiffle thru them pretty fast when I have to catch up).

I suppose we have all heard of Cholmondely, pronounced Chumly; and Beauchamp, pronounced Beecham; and Grosvenor (Grove-ner). Surely we all have some to contribute. Here in Crabtown, we have two street names which always throw the furriners. Aliceanna Street is pronounced by the natives as Alice Ann (Street). Bentalou St. is Bent-low.

How about y'all? What gems lurk out there?