In case anyone out there is feeling hampered by the minimalist editor provided by AWAD for composing our postings--its spell checker confounds me--,I provide the following suggestion. For longer messages, just use your favorite editor, such as MS WORD. Compose your message, using WORD's spelling and grammar features, and the host of other wonders it provides, in a full screen sized window, if that gives you the warm fuzzies. When finished, just copy the message to the clipboard (block the text and hit CTRL + C), then return to the AWAD editor and place the cursor where you want the copied text. Click on your browser’s Edit menu and select PASTE. Voila! Your spell checked and conveniently composed message will appear in the AWAD editor. Of course, you can use this technique to clip and paste text from other sources, such as reference sources, news articles, and the like. I hope this hint will facilitate more lengthy and thoughtful posts by taking the kinks out of your cramped-editing neck.