Good grief, WW, I didn't even make it to the "hy--'s" before coming across a new word: apocopated. Atomica:
The loss of one or more sounds from the end of a word, as in Modern English sing from Middle English singen.

[Late Latin, from Greek apokop, from apokoptein, to cut off : apo-, apo- + koptein, to cut.]

I found another new word on the site, that I really like:
Having an additional syllable after the final complete foot in a line of verse. A verse marked by hypercatalexis is called hypermetrical.

But I like hypercatalexis even better! [under my breath: supercalifragilistic...]
I do wish the site gave some examples; it says there are three types of hyperbaton, and I'd have a better understanding of what they are if I could see them used. Oh! Look what I just found on another page: acatalectic!
And, mercy, look at this one: afflatus
A creative inspiration, as that of a poet; a divine imparting of knowledge, thus it is often called divine afflatus.
That sounds almost blasphemous!