from Merriam Websters:

>Main Entry: hypallage
Pronunciation: hI-'pa-l&-jE, hi-
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from Greek hypallagE, literally, interchange, from hypallassein to interchange, from hypo- + allassein to change, from allos other -- more at ELSE
Date: 1586
: an interchange of two elements in a phrase or sentence from a more logical to a less logical relationship (as in "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" for "to waste a mind is a terrible thing")<

Hmmm...so to obviousize a hypallage would be to point to the most obfuscating construction, wouldn't it?...so how is that obviousizing? Isn't obviousizing the obfuscation leaning to far into paradox to qualify as obviousizing? Or is simplifying the perception of the confusion covered in your coinage, tsuwm? Or sumptin' like dat.