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#98792 - 03/15/03 08:04 AM Happy Anuversary, AWAD!
AnnaStrophic Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 6511
Loc: lower upstate New York
This board is three years old and going strong. Many of us have met in person during this time and have made firm friendships. All of us have surely learned something here, as well as from the nine-year-old AWAD E-mailing.

Here's to more friendship and knowledge.

#98793 - 03/15/03 08:26 AM Re: Happy Anuversary, AWAD!
Wordwind Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/30/01
Posts: 6296
Loc: Piedmont Region of Virginia, U...
Three years. Best board anywhere for word hounds. Beats the Scrabble board by far. Long live the linguaphiles here. And may many a longsuffering, isolated page-turner of dictionaries, hidden up in the garret with only a computer and stack of books, who thinks nobody else in the world much cares about the fourteenth definition down--now obsolete, but oh-so-redolent with the atmosphere of times gone by--find us here for companionship. And may every punster, whose jokes fall on deaf ears at the office, find us here. And may every collector of words used oddly or well in poems, songs, and speeches find us here. And may each of us already here fight the good fight against evaporation into mist by first condensing our efforts into descernible dews or showers or fogs or pogonips or whatever kind of participatory precipitation we would manifest. [Ever locked yourself into a metaphorical closet?]

Happy Anuversary, friends. And many thanks, Anu, for this little paradise.

#98794 - 03/15/03 09:30 AM Re: Happy Anuversary, AWAD!
Jackie Offline

Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 03/15/00
Posts: 11613
Loc: Louisville, Kentucky
Oh my gosh, that's right, Anna--thanks for the reminder! (For some reason I was thinking the anniversary was April!)
Thank you, Anu. My world has been expanded in ways I could never have dreamed of. I have learned so much more here than "discussion of language", though that has been wonderful also. I continue to be fascinated and enlightened by other people and other cultures. I am so very thankful for the friendships I have made, here. How I love you all! :-)

#98795 - 03/16/03 06:33 PM Re: Happy Anuversary, AWAD!
GallantTed Offline

Registered: 11/07/01
Posts: 273
Loc: Ireland
Howye fokes

3 years is it? This bord is allmost as ould as meself (I'm 4 ye know - quiet young, even fer a teddy bear). Fair play ta ye. Cheers.

Be seein ya


#98796 - 03/17/03 02:17 PM Re: Happy Anuversary, AWAD!
RhubarbCommando Offline

Registered: 08/23/00
Posts: 2204
Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to Anu, Happy Birthday and plus.

Many thanks to all of you for warmth, laughter and friendship, liberally spiced with erudition and knowledge.


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