More French words from Carolyn's Corner:

5Fr < masser, to massage < Ar massa, to touch6 a rubbing, kneading, etc. of part of the body, usually with the hands, as to stimulate circulation and make muscles or joints supple, relieve tension, etc.
3saged$, 3sag4ing to give a massage to
Interesting that it is from an Arabic root

griffonage - Here is a URL about griffin, etc. Worth browsing

partage = share

Cabotinage - a worthless eponym if I ever heard one. From Carolyn's Corner
I found a great word to add to Eponym City! The word is cabotinage, meaning
"behavior fitting a second-rate actor" after the French actor Cabotin, who
wasn't very good at acting.
Not to be confused with "cabotage"

5Fr < caboter, to sail along the coast < MFr cabo, cape < Sp < L caput, HEAD6
1 coastal navigation and trade, esp. between ports within a country
2 air transport within a country
3 the right to engage in cabotage, esp. as granted to foreign carriers

parquetage - an abstraction from parquet:
5Fr, a small enclosed section < MFr parchet, dim. of parc, PARK6
>1 the main floor of a theater, esp. that part from the orchestra pit to the parquet circle: usually called orchestra
2 a flooring of parquetry
3queted$ 73kad$8, 3quet4ing 73ka4i%8
1 to use parquetry to make (a floor, etc.)
2 to decorate the floor of (a room) with parquetry

5Fr, a mounting, setting together < monter, MOUNT26
1 a) the art or process of making a composite picture by bringing together into a single composition a number of different pictures or parts of pictures and arranging these, as by superimposing one on another, so that they form a blended whole while

decoupage or d=coupage
5Fr d=coupage < d=couper, to cut out < d=3, DE3 + couper, to cut < coup: see COUP6
1 the art of cutting out designs or illustrations from paper, foil, etc., mounting them decoratively on a surface, and applying several coats of varnish or lacquer
2 work done by decoupage
3paged$, 3pag4ing to decorate by using decoupage

5Fr < entourer, to surround < en tour, around < en, in + tour, turn, round + 3AGE6
1 [Now Rare] surroundings; environment
2 a group of accompanying attendants, assistants, or associates; retinue