lacis (la·cis) (la¢sis) [Fr. "network"] polkissen.

polkissen (pol·kis·sen) (p[omacr]l-kis¢[schwa]n) [Ger. "pole cushion"] the region of the
juxtaglomerular apparatus between the glomerulus and the afferent and efferent arterioles, containing
lacelike cells (the lacis cells) and lying in close contact with the mesangium and the macula densa; called
also lacis.


572. Conciseness.

CONCISENESS &c. adj.; brevity, "the soul of wit," laconicism or laconism;
ellipsis; syncope; abridgment (shortening) [See Shortness]; compression [See
Contraction]; epitome [See Compendium]; monostich; Spartans; Tacitus.
PORTMANTEAU-WORD [Lewis Carroll]; brunch [breakfast+lunch], squarson
[squire+parson]; slithy, adj. [slimy+lithe], torrible, adj. [torrid+horrible],
crowzy, adj. [crowded+cozy].

BE CONCISE &c. adj.; telescope, laconize; condense [See Contraction]; abridge
[See Shortness]; abstract [See Compendium]; come to the point.

CONCISE, brief, short, terse, close; to the point, exact; neat, compact;
compressed, condensed, pointed; laconic, curt, pithy, trenchant, summary;
pregnant; compendious (compendium) [See Compendium]; succinct; elliptical,
epigrammatic, crisp; sententious.


On the ponds of our Zoo one can see waterfowl belonging to the Anseres
order - geese, swans, ducks of more than 45 species.
Their beaks are really remarkable - on the edges of rostra these birds have
special transverse plates that help them to filter water, thus separating edibles.
Fish-eating species instead of plates have very small sharp teeth. Whole life of
the Lamellirostral birds is closely connected with water. Most of them procure
food in various reservoirs, all species bring up their young on water, and
moulting birds can feel themselves in safety only on the water surface.
Lamellirostrals are widely spread around the globe (except the Antarctic

lampbalck - One of the problems of indoor lighting a hundred years ago was the black carbon smoke both candles and oil lamps emitted when not properly adjusted. I can remember solar eclipse about 1922, when we held pieces of glass over a candle with wick intentionally too long, so that it smoked profusely. The carbon on the glass filtered the light enough that it was safe to look at the sun for short periods. Of course
a much wiser plan is to use a lens to cast an image on a sheet of paper. Remember, Gallileo's blindness was almost certtainly due to his observations of the sun, since he did not know the danger thereof.

La[pu[ta 7l! py1t4!8
in Swift's Gulliver's Travels, a flying island inhabited by impractical, visionary philosophers who engage in various absurd activities
adj., n.

larnax A chest of terra cotta and often ornamented tha was used in ancient Greece especially as a sepulcral chest.