tournedos, noun, pl. -dos.
one of several small slices cut from the center of
the fillet of beef.

perilune, noun.
that point in the orbit of a spacecraft where
it comes closest to the moon; pericynthion.

satrap, noun.
1. a ruler, often a tyrant, who is subordinate to
a higher ruler.
2. a governor of a province under the ancient
Persian monarchy.

ebullition, noun.
1. an outburst (as of feeling). Ex. This ebullition of
feeling ... came as a real shock to Lady and Lord Valleys
(John Galsworthy).
2. a boiling or bubbling up.

caponier, noun.
a work or covered passage in or across a ditch in
a military fortification.

taiaha, noun.
a kind of club or staff about six feet long,
carved at one end and frequently ornamented
with feathers, used by Maori chiefs as a badge
of office, and sometimes for fighting.

uranography, noun.
the science of describing and mapping the heavens
and the position of the heavenly bodies. Also, ouranography.