coenaculous: fond of dining; relishing food; especially suppers
coffle: gang of slaves tied together
cognomen: family name
col: depression or pass in a mountain range
collectivism: doctrine of communal control of means of production
collocation: the placing of things together
colluvies: accumulated filth; foul discharge
colostrum: mother's first milk - extremely important because it contains antibodies
that protect the infant angainst infections
columbarium: a structure of vaults lined with recesses
comburent: burning; causing combustion
comitative: indicating accompaniment
commis: assistant; deputy; apprentice
commove: to excite; to put into motion; to disturb
compellation: the act of addressing someone
complect: to embrace; to interweave
compotation: an act of carousing in company
conation: mental effort towards a goal, desire, purpose
conceptualism: theory that universal truths exist as mental concepts
conchyliferous: bearing a shell
concolorate: having the same colour on both sides
concupiscence: strong desire, appetite or lust
confiteor: prayer of confession of sins
congener: something of the same kind or nature
coniaker: coin counterfeiter
consectary: deduction; conclusion or corollary; consequent