chanter: part of bagpipes on which the melody is played
chaplet: circlet or wreath for the head; short string of prayer beads
charmeuse: soft satiny material
chasmogamy: opening of a flower in order to be fertilized
chatelaine: ring attached to belt for carrying keys

Chatelaine is feminine of chatelain The key business is a metaphor
5Fr chGtelain, CASTELLAN6 the keeper of a castle; castellan

cheiloplasty: plastic surgery on the lip

chersonese: peninsula


(kūrsns“) (KEY) or Chersonesus (–n“ss) (KEY) [Gr.,=peninsula], name applied in ancient
geography to several regions. See Crimea (Chersonesus Taurica or Scythia); Gallipoli Peninsula
(Chersonesus Thracica); Malay Peninsula (Chersonesus Aurea); Jutland (Chersonesus Cimbrica).

cheverel: soft; flexible kidskin leather
chevrotain: small deer-like mammal
chignon: knot or roll of hair worn at the back of the head
chilopod: multi-legged insect
chintz: glazed printed cotton fabric
chirm: collective term for goldfinches
chirology: study of the hands
chirotony: election by a show of hands

chock: metal casting with curved arms for passing ropes for mooring ship
Not in my dictionary, and no definition found on search. But to keep wheeled vehicles from
rolling, in addition to parking brakes, "chock blocks" wedged between tire and ground on
downhill side are extremely valuable precautions.
Fron the Internet:
Equipment AIRCRAFT CHOCK BLOCKS. LCB - R. ... LINEMA chock blocks,
model LCB-R, have been designed for universal use at airports of all kind. The .

chondroid: like or resembling cartilage
chorisis: multiplication of parts by branching or splitting
chrematistic: pertaining to the pursuit of wealth or to business
chrism: consecrated or holy oil
christophany: appearance of Christ to men
chronogram: inscription whose letters form a Roman numeral date
chronosynchronicity: presentation of all stages of a person's life in a single piece of art
chrysology: study of precious metals
churching: church ceremony given to women after childbirth
chypre: mixture of resins used in making perfume
cicerone: guide; tour guide
cimelia: treasures in storage
cinerarium: container for cremated ashes
cinque-pace: lively medieval dance with five steps
circadian: occurring every 24 hours