Used by Byb way back in March, but not defined.
5MFr palinod < LL palinodia < Gr palinbidia < palin, again (see PALINDROME) + bidc, song: see ODE6
1 an ode or other poem written to retract something said in a previous poem
2 a retraction

Here is a poem so entitled, but for reasons unclear to me.

by: Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1906)

HO is Lydia, pray, and who
Is Hypatia? Softly, dear,
Let me breathe it in your ear--
They are you, and only you.
And those other nameless two
Walking in Arcadian air--
She that was so very fair?
She that had the twilight hair?--
They were you, dear, only you.
If I speak of night or day,
Grace of fern or bloom of grape,
Hanging cloud or fountain spray,
Gem or star or glistening dew,
Or of mythologic shape,
Psyche, Pyrrha, Daphne, say--
I mean you, dear, you, just you.
Incidentally I believe the author of this poem was also a judge. And also the author of a very
funny autobiographical book about his childhood, "The Real Diary of a Real Boy".