Another spelling bee medical word that I didn't learn in medical school
5Fr, a jerk < obs. saquer, to shake, pull, dial. var. of OFr sachier < VL *saccare, to pull from a sack < L saccus, SACK16 any of the rapid, involuntary jumps made by the eyes from one fixed point to another, as in reading

"Considerable knowledge has been accumulated regarding acquired and congenital deafness in children. However, despite the
intimate relationship between the auditory and vestibular systems, data are limited regarding the status of the balance system in
these children. Using a test population of 15 children, aged 8 to 17 years, we performed electronystagmography testing. The test
battery consisted of the eye-tracking (gaze nystagmus, spontaneous nystagmus, saccade, horizontal pursuit and optokinetic) tests,
positional/positioning (Dix-Hallpike and supine) tests, and rotational chair tests."