Another spelling bee word I never saw before. But I can work it into an amusing true yarn.
I used to work at Mass Public Health labs adjoining Arnold Arboretum. One of the doctoral
candidates had recently come from Hungary. He had a pair of sons who were real wild Indians,
and could climb like monkeys. The sissified son of one of the postdocs who lived in same
residence was always squealing on them. So grandfather of the sissy was surprised that
when the siss;y asked the older Hungarian kid to teach him to climb, the Hungarian kid
instantly agreed. He coached the sissy move by move until he was twenty feet up, and
afraid to go either up or down. Then the Hungarian kid went up past him, and slowly
and thorougly urinated into ringent screaming orifice of sissy. The grandfather laughed heartily.

L ringens, prp. of ringi, to gape6
1 having the mouth wide open; gaping
2 Biol. having the lips separated by a distinct gap, as some corollas