Yes...the Nazis kept meticulous records and were very methodical about the planned annhilation of the Jews because, unfortunately, the Jews were being used as political scapegoats. Otherwise, wholesale slaughter was as good a method as any, and, as of troy said, it was not uncommon for whole villages to be marched to pits and machine-gunned in the Eastern European countries, even well into German occupation, and sometimes for the smallest infraction. Of course, Hitler's plan for a population the size of the Slavs was one of systematic annihilation, with full utilization of the manpower available before it was expended. The plan was to impress all the Slavic peoples, systematically, as work-slaves and indentured servants, and as the work wore them out, dispose of them (work them to death). Then repopulate those countries with Germanic populations. And, of course, if the madman had conquered and set his designs on wider racial cleansing, it would have, by necessity, been gradual and systematic, not all at once. And that would, of course, meant turning on old "friends" like Italy and Spain (and I guess he'd have chased the Western Turks back across the Bosphorus). The Spanish under Franco might've given him a run for his money...but the rest would've been easy prey. And don't forget that Hitler cynically thought the English would throw in with him early in the war because of their Saxon blood, and a Germanic ruling family...indeed, abdicated King Edward IV(#?) and his US bride Wallis Warfield Simpson were quite chummy with Hitler early on, and used to fly over and visit him regularly. And that's why Hess was sent over in a cynical move to connive the English into the Axis...didn't work, of course. The Brits never had any intention of being guiled into an alliance with that madman. But what if the Nazis had rolled into Britain one way or the other...would they have eventually exiled the non-Aryan Celts...that's the Welsh, the Cornish, the Scots, and Irish-descended Brits over to Ireland (if Ireland would take them all), or ...?
And how long would Hitler had been patient with a Celtic Ireland sitting between his European Empire and a Germanic Iceland? Thank God these are questions we'll never have the answer for! And that's why I cringe whenever I see someone with a Slavic, Irish, or Italian surname in one of these neo-Nazi's, like, "what are you doing?...the Nazis had no plans for you...well, they did, but..."

Don't forget...Hitler's ultimate dream was a Germanic Europe...period.