I want to hold your hand.......

Palmistry or Hand Analysis - is a form of divination, or reading of the 'unknowable,' by
studying the lines of the hands. Each pair of hands is like a self portrait, an elegant
work of art capturing the essence and significance of your life. Our hands are the
road maps of our lives!
What is palmistry? Basically, it's the examination and analysis of the shape, lines,
and other configurations of a person's hands to discover not only where a person's life
is heading but also where it has been, and, to some extent, why, based on personal
characteristics revealed in the reading. This class is geared towards beginners who are
curious about how Palmistry works and offers the basics for anyone to get
started using this as an incredibly accurate divination tool. Not only will you 'tap' into
a person by reading their palms when you hold a person's hand you will quickly find that
you will receive vast amounts of information to relay. We will cover a short history and
they get right into things with the introduction to
Palmistry, the major lines, the minor lines, chiromancy, chirognomy, the mounts,
hand types and other characteristics (features) of the hand. People on all paths of
spirituality are welcome students. No previous experience necessary.

But be prepared to cross the teacher's palm with lots of silver!