It's funny, but today I have been feeling a burgeoning goodwill - this, even after seeing some pretty nasty stuff in some posts. Why? I think it's because, the nasty ones aside (and by nasty I do not mean the ones calling for Keiva to leave - I mean ones by equalizer, mostly, I guess!), people are here. People are posting. People are taking action. People are proving, by their very presence here, that they love this board and feel and think it is worth saving. Even their grim determination in posting following every one of Keiva's posts gives me great pleasure. I'm sorry for the cause and the need for it, but I look and I feel, Hey - these people want this place, and they want it a GOOD place, and they are doing what they feel it is in their power to do, to bring it back to its good, cheery, welcoming, affectionate, temperate roots. (Okay, the method might not be those things, but that's the intent I read into it.)

Otherwise I don't know why I'd be feeling so good, unless I'm getting a lucky break with the hormones this month.

Let us go in peace to love and serve the board.