Dear Everybody on AWAD,

I have chosen to delete all my posts that I can find regarding the current state of affairs here. I have done so (and will continue to ferret them out) not as a criticism of the course that has been taken here of any person on this board, but because I could not sleep last night.

I couldn't sleep because it is my fundamental belief regarding my own behavior that I am not a very effective fighter. It's not part of my karma. And when I assume the garb of a fighter, something inside me turns bleak. I lose sleep. There are those who fight for right, and I believe they must follow the course that comes from their own deep places. People have to be what they are. And we need knights in this world. I'm just not one of them, and I serve myself poorly to take on that armor because it does not fit me well.

I'm deleting my posts, not as an act of criticism, please believe this, but because I need to reattach myself to the good I can do in other ways more familiar to my way of thinking. Anybody can write things later regretted for whatever private reasons that person entertains with self.

I do not condone my actions on this board, I can understand the stalwart actions of those who believe wrong has been done, but I have to bow out of the fray because I'm not sleeping well and my soul is disturbed here. You, finally (or at least I), have to be able to live with yourself (myself) and how your conscience talks to you. Mine has kept me up last night.

I hope that any person here who has acted in accordance with personal and private beliefs will know that that way is the only way to follow. You follow your heart, and sometimes you must follow it bravely. And sometimes you have to change your course. I hope all follow their hearts bravely, no matter what course they choose to follow.

No need to respond. I just felt I owed the board an explanation of my actions.

Best regards,