Results for voting on lithage [sp. variant of litharge]. Note - I have no idea which one milum actually wanted, so I just gave myself a few points.

wsieber knew the other (and, it turns out, more common ) spelling of the word, so he gets mad props and a handful of points.

a. (n) the degree to which cement has hardened, usually indicated by percent.

jmh - 2 votes
b. a painting technique thought to originate in North Africa using charcoal and marble chippings

Hyla - (definition from a chemical dictionary at work, which I don't have at hand) - 2 votes
c. A residue, primarily lead oxide, formed during refining silver

d. (n) secretion produced by a pulvillus of the fly

Josie Wales - 1 vote
e. Leftovers

dxb - 1 vote
f. Still archaic, but more modern, form of letheage –solace gained by forgetting. “He is full lethaged of it”,
meaning he has completely forgotten the subject of his previous sorrow.

WO'N - 2 votes
g. the sticky saliva that causes insects to adhere to the tongue of a frog

caradea - 3 votes
h. Slack created in anchor lines as knots tighten, particularly as a result of tidal forces.

Bobyoungbalt - 1 votes
i. weight in stone (Brit. unit of 14 lbs.)

maverick - 1 vote
j. The process of removing stones and other unwanted material such as stalks from the usable crop of cherries, prior to jam or juice manufacture.

consuelo - 1 vote
k. unreadable facial expression

l. the speed at which an object sinks in water

Jazzoctopus - 1 vote
m. the comparative weight of different paper types.

milum - 2 votes (astonishingly enough!)
n. The rate of the drop in the use of directive articles in language as the language becomes more homogeneous. Known as the Economy of Usage scale, in 1959, S.I.Hayakawa gave english a lithage rating of + 76, indicating a high rate of diminishing diversity.

So the scoring from this round, as best as I can make up the numbers as I go along, and without any reference to the current cumulative score tally, which I won't even try to locate, is:

SilkMuse - 0
jmh - 2
Hyla - 0
WordWind - 0
JosieWales - 1
dxb - 1
WO'N - 2
caradea - 3
Bobyoungbalt - 1
maverick - 1
consuelo - 3
Fiberbabe - 0
Jazzo - 0 (Would have gotten 1 point, but rule 6 says you can't get a rule 1 point by bluffing. Clear to all?)
milum - 2
TedRemington - 1 (per rules addendum sheet)
wsieber - 2 (honorary points for knowing the right answer better than the Hogmaster™)

For reasons unclear, AnnaS discussed the word a bit with us all, but declined to cast a vote.

So, the winners in our various categories are (Note: the views expressed in the titles of categories do not necessarily represent the views of the Hogmaster™,, Anu Garg, or his shadowy corporate backers)

Best Bluff (i.e. received the most votes) - caradea

Most Versatile Player - consuelo (got the right answer and earned a point with her bluff)

Wackiest Wacko Bluff - milum ('nuff said)

Best at Picking a Hogwash Word From Probably the Only Book on the Planet that Spelled it Incorrectly - Hyla

This Hog has been spontaneously washed. Over and out.