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#70089 - 05/16/02 02:06 PM Post deleted by SilkMuse
SilkMuse Offline

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#70090 - 05/16/02 04:07 PM Re: FUBAR
AphonicRants Offline

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I rather doubt it. There were a variety of such terms:

snafu [= Situation Normal: All F_____ Up]
fubb [= F______ Up Beyond Belief]
janfu [= Joint Army-Navy F_______ Up]
tarfu [= Things Are Royally F_______ Up]

See excepts from The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson, at
http://www.tower.org/library/the_mother_tongue.html; penultimate paragraph.

There are many more such terms {fumtu = F_____ Up More Than Usual}, but I don't know if they originated during WWII, or after. Once can enjoyably find them by googling the above examples. FUJIGMO

#70091 - 05/16/02 05:01 PM Re: FUBAR
wwh Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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1. (WWII military slang) Fucked up beyond all recognition (or repair).

#70092 - 05/16/02 05:18 PM Re: FUBAR
of troy Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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and the famous point on the map, Fucary..used to define any landmark on a unknown road..
Where are we?
where are we? you want me to tell you? I'll tell you, we're Fucary!

a contraction of Where the F* are we?

my other obsession

#70093 - 05/16/02 07:07 PM Re: FUBAR
Angel Offline

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And the way I describe my day to my husband:

SSDD ~~~~ Same Schtuff Different Day


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