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#68417 - 05/17/02 03:54 PM Post deleted by SilkMuse
SilkMuse Offline

Registered: 04/25/02
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#68418 - 05/17/02 06:11 PM Re: Corporate Curriculum
Wordwind Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/30/01
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Loc: Piedmont Region of Virginia, U...
Another poll?

Kleenex, yes; Jell-o, yes; pop/soda, no--soft drink, yes.

And, slightly off-topic, I catch myself all the time referring to the stereo as the record player and CDs as records. Old habits die hard.

Billboards annoy me, every last one of 'em. They make me feel contrary to using the products displayed.

Best forms of advertising: Humor, but not too idiotic, and packaging (I must admit) will pull in the customer. However, I get a bit annoyed when it's obvious a great deal of money has been poured into pretty useless, extravagant packaging.

Best way to get a loyal customer: Have a great product that you can count on for consistently predictable quality in whatever price range the customer in question can afford.

An aside: I was shopping in the children's section of a department store last week to find some bows for a costume to be used in an upcoming school play. There on the check-out counter in the children's department was a display of Godiva chocolates. I thought, "Good grief. Here they are trying to implant the image of expensive chocolates in the brains of small children. Whatever happened to M&M's--and how did Godiva pull off this ploy?"

#68419 - 05/17/02 10:44 PM Re: Corporate Curriculum
Bingley Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 04/09/00
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Loc: Jakarta
Godiva chocolates? Never heard them. Are you sure it's not a ploy to get the kids interested in naked women?


#68420 - 05/18/02 05:08 PM Re: Product placement
jmh Offline

Registered: 03/22/00
Posts: 1981
Naked women?

In Coventry, certainly.

I hadn't realised that she was famous throughout Europe - an early bit of Eurotrash? They certainly claim her influence on Belgium on their website.

The chocolates are pretty good, you'll have to pick some up next time you visit, Bing. I would think that the chocolate would melt too quickly where you are.

I suspect that the "product placement" was something to do with Mother's Day, either that or someone wants to encourage children to ride horses in an unusual way.

#68421 - 05/19/02 08:32 AM Re: Product placement
of troy Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Loc: rego park
Godiva-- not what it used to be... did you see the last sentence?
Since Godiva Chocolatier, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary, we do not publish a separate financial statement, and do not discuss total sales, advertising costs or financial performance.

for the past 20 years they have been owned by an american corporations.. i don't remember parent company name, but they also own Pepperidge Farms (bread/cookies/baked goods) and Campbell's soup.. since being bought by an american company, the placement in stores has increased dramatically, to a point the chocolate was losing is cashe. in the past 5 years they have become more exclusive.

my other obsession

#68422 - 05/19/02 08:55 AM Re: Campbell
AphonicRants Offline

Registered: 04/09/02
Posts: 200
Here's the info of who owns what, with a link to the chocolate:


Edit: Would it be permissible to give the link to other parts of the same site, devoted to recipes?

#68423 - 05/19/02 09:11 AM Re: Campbell
Angel Offline

Registered: 12/28/01
Posts: 688
Would it be permissible to give the link to other parts of the same site, devoted to recipes?

A link to recipes? Sounds good to me!

#68424 - 05/19/02 01:05 PM Re: Campbell's -- as the lady request
AphonicRants Offline

Registered: 04/09/02
Posts: 200
As the lady requests. The recipe board for Campbell's:

#68425 - 05/20/02 08:52 AM Re: Campbell
TheFallibleFiend Offline

Registered: 01/23/02
Posts: 1523
Loc: Virginia, USA

Thanks, that's pretty cool.

I was a little amused by the explanation for Campbell's failure (they still made money apparently, but their "sales declined").

Consumers did not reach for our brands with the same love and loyalty as before. "Why?" we asked.


We failed to prove our product relevance with consumers in a dynamic marketplace.

Such lovely verbiage and not a word about their products being overpriced.
I *love* Pepperidge Farms Cheasapeakes. My favorite cookie next to my own. But it usually costs $4 in my local Giant food store, or 50 cents a cookie. At half off (which is the most I'll pay for them), it's $2 (25 cents a cookie). At the BJ's, I think it's 1.79.

The only reason I would buy these cookies (delicious as they are) is to save myself the time of making my own (I can make cookies just as good but it does a few hours). At 25 to 50 cents a cookie, I think I can wait till I have time to make my own.


#68426 - 05/29/02 09:05 AM Re: Aside
TheFallibleFiend Offline

Registered: 01/23/02
Posts: 1523
Loc: Virginia, USA

This weekend my kids asked me to make beefaroni for them, homemade of course since they've never had it out of a can.

It only occured to me a few moments ago that this was an example of what you're talking about.


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