Anu, how can we thank you enough for getting AWAD started? I'm sure you had no idea that it would be as successful as it is and reach as many people as it does. Also, I want to thank you for standing back and letting AWADtalk develop on its own. We have gone through some periods of disagreement and unpleasantness, but have managed to police ourselves and work out a loose kind of order for ourselves, and you have not stepped in to impose any rules. This band of friends and virtual family has evolved into the close community which it is thanks to your wisdom. -- BOB (Bobyoungbalt, aka BYB)

Thanks to all those that have made this board what it is, a wonderful place to hang out. Consuelo

A world of thanks to you, Anu, for weaving a virtual web which has allowed each of us to count as friends such a diverse range of folks who share our passion for words ~ who without your laborious efforts would have forever remained strangers ~ Caradea

THANK YOU, ANU! We love this place! It and you are absolutely wonderful! Jackie

Amazing. Fifty-thousand posts and still going strong. This board is truly a diamond in the rough -- civilized anarchy about as good as it gets -- Anutopia. To all of you (especially Anu), I'm grateful. Since I joined this board I've had a paradigm shift. This is one of the few experiences in my life that I can confidently say has changed me. The knowledge and wisdom that flows out of this board has given me a new world perspective and has impacted my interests, my passions and my thoughts. Here's to another 50,000! - JazzO

To Anu and all of those who have contributed to the 50,000 messages herein - many thanks for spending time to inform, educate, challenge, enlighten and amuse us. It was worth it, every word. Jo

Anu - thanks 50,000 times - for sharing your love of language with the world, and helping us all share what connects us rather than what separates us. Even mavericks enjoy running with the herd! -- maverick

Thanks for hosting this wondrous forum, Anu. I have been enriched, enraged and entertained, and feel much the better for it. I bow to the divine in you. -- Max Quordlepleen

Thank You Anu for creating and instigating this word-forum. I wonder what direction the postings will take through the next 50,000 comments. Will the board degenerate like CB radio into the vulgar? Or will it continue to elvolve into that most rarest of institutions- a ruleless forum peopled by reasonable men. Good health to you... Milum

A great big thank you to Anu for creating this magical place and to everyone who contributes to it. I am so happy to have discovered AWAD and made the acquaintance of all of you. Love, Rapunzel

to Anu, who honored us all with the disk space for 50,000 posts, I'd like to present the wwftd traveling trophy; for which this lovely edit is presented as an artifact (in lieu of an actual email). --from joe and the gang

It's a pleasure to salute and thank Anu and his family for all the love, hard work, and dedication they put into creating the gift of AWAD and Wordsmith for us, and to be able to do so on of all days, my birthday! I'm truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the all the friendship and knowledge I've gained through my time spent here. And, Anu, your endeavors here also help promote world unity through understanding, and, thus, provide a channel toward that long-sought goal of world peace. Nice perks for gifting us with your joy of words, huh? Thank you, thank you!...50,000 times, thank you! Looking forward to post 100,000! --David (WaltWhitmanEugeneO'Neill aka WO'N)

Dear Wordsmith: I spend most of my day on AWADtalk, because poor vision and deafness deny me other recreations. Bill Hunt