I assumed it would be a humorous book but was I wrong. I'm talking about
"How to Manage Your Mother," a very serious, $24 book released a few months
ago. Perhaps it is a commentary on our time that that we need a 200 page
tome to find out how to `manage' our moms. I'm sure the authors are
furiously busy penning the sequel "How to Deal With Your Dad" and the
subsequent, "How to Grapple With Your Grandparents". It is a large reflection
on the state of our affairs when we need to consult books in the style of
"How to Manage Your Money" for our parents.

It seems there is a how-to book for everything under the sun, and all the
ills in our world could be cured if only we spend time with another such
book. Until there comes along a book entitled "The Complete Idiot's Guide
to Seven Habits on How to Improve Your Word Power in 24 Hours and Influence
Others for Dummies," you will just have to do with A.Word.A.Day. This week
it's words about books and writing.