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#45494 - 10/22/01 11:44 AM HogWash -- NIDOR -- Results  
Joined: Jan 2001
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Flatlander Offline
Flatlander  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 428
Cape Cod, MA, US
Well, this round two of our intrepid washers sniffed out the correct definition, H. The scent of cooked meat or other food. Bobyoungbalt and tsuwm flew right past all the nest-related bluffs to get right to the meat of the situation. I don't know much about the word (perhaps one of our correct guessers can illuminate?) aside from the internet citation I found that noted that it was considered "obsolete" in a 1919 Webster's entry.

consuelo picked up 4 votes for her straightforward "Type of animal that forms a nest in which to deposit its eggs" and Bobyoungbalt got 3 people to go for his more metaphorical "A small loft, sometimes referred to as a "birdsnest" high up (usually in the rear, sometimes in a transept or over the roodscreen) of a large church or cathedral, usually for an antiphonal organ". The current point standings are below the definitions.

Votes in red

A. A nestling hawk or falcon. - tsuwm maverick

B. The name of a land believed by some to be in the Earth's interior and accessible through the poles. - Bingley gymkhana

C. A small loft, sometimes referred to as a "birdsnest" high up (usually in the rear, sometimes in a transept or over the roodscreen) of a large church or cathedral, usually for an antiphonal organ. - Bobyoungbalt consuelo, Bingley, rodward

D. A French coin that is an alloy of nickel and gold, with a limit of 50 percent on the amount of nickel that can be in the alloy. -- TEd Remington

E. A hinged wooden box with several carved openings, used for storing and burning incense. - caradea WhitmanO'Neill, Rapunzel

F. Dutch device used for holding threads and yarn while weaving. -- jimthedog

G. A birdnester - someone who collects eggs from nests in the wild as a profession and sells them for eating. -- rodward

H. The scent of cooked meat or other food. - CORRECT Bobyoungbalt, tsuwm

I. Type of animal that forms a nest in which to deposit its eggs. - consuelo Jazzoctopus, TEd Remington, milum, Fiberbabe

J. Nidor is of Old French origin. The beds of royalty were covered in the finest of linens; often decorated with gold thread embroidery. The common people used to describe these as nids d'or - beds of gold. Over time it became the one word, nidor, and came to mean any residence that was overly ostentatious. It is rarely heard today - and usually used in a derogatory fashion. - belMarduk belMarduk (no point)

K. In a stepped pyramid, the bottom and largest tier which contains the serdab (statue chamber) and burial chamber of a deceased Egyptian pharaoh. -- Jazzoctopus

L. In microbiology, a solution used as the base for the stain that secures bacteria onto a slide for study. -- WhitmanO'Neill Keiva

M. This is the land of eternal youth. It is an old Maya myth which (very roughly) equates to the Freudian "back to the womb" idea. The word itself is a Spanish version of the original Mayan. - RhubarbCommando Rhubarb Commando (no point), jimthedog

HogWash World Cup Point Standings

tsuwm 36+3=39
Bingley 27+1=28
Flatlander 26
squid 24
Bobyoungbalt 16+5=21
wordcrazy 20
caradea 17+2=19
maverick 18
Sparteye 18
Jazzoctopus 17
rodward 16
paulb 15
Hyla 15
WhitmanO'Neill 13+1=14
Geoff 13
Brandon 11
jimthedog 11
Rapunzel 10
fiberbabe 9
RhubarbCommando 7+1=8
Marianna 7
MaxQuordlepleen 7
VernonCompton 6
consuelo 1+4=5
Avy 3
wwh 3
Faldage 2
Jackie 2
TEd Remington 2
frmPennsylvania 1
nuntius 1
AlexWilliams 1
freckled_snout 1
Juanmaria 0.5

And with that I'd like to pass the HogMaster hat onto the next victim (be careful, it's heavy, and watch out for the feathers). Any takers? Thanks to all who played, especially the newer members of the community, for keeping HogWash alive. Good luck, and good washing!

#45495 - 10/23/01 03:47 AM Re: HogWash -- NIDOR -- Results  
Joined: Apr 2000
Posts: 10,538
tsuwm Offline
Carpal Tunnel
tsuwm  Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Joined: Apr 2000
Posts: 10,538
this too shall pass
nidor (and nidorous, nidorose) was taken direct from L. by those inkhorn guys; here's Bacon (when he wasn't ghosting for WS): "Incense, and Nidorous Smells, (such as were of Sacrifices,) were thought to Intoxicate the Braine."

but what of all those nesting words? these all stem from L. nidus
nidificate - to make a nest
nidifugous - Of a bird: bearing young which are well developed at birth and leave the nest almost immediately
nidify - to build a nest
nidulant - nestling, embedded
nidulation - nesting, nidification
nidus - A nest or place in which small animals, such as insects, snails, etc., lodge or deposit their eggs. ( fig. A source or origin; a place where some quality or principle is fostered)
nidiot (or nidget) - an idiot [whoa... how'd that get in there]

(btw, I knew nidor from using it as a wwftd lo these many moons ago.)

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