The following quote is from "The Age", Melbourne, Australia, Friday 17th March, where the author, Kate Burridge, Associate Professor of Linguistics at LaTrobe University, bemoans the passing of some food-associated words from our language. (If the food were as delicious as the words, t'would have been a feast indeed!):
"She groaked whillim as they gulched and guttled. Fackins! She was an opsophagist, coenaculous and cuppendous - pabulous commesations were an ephialtes for the deipnetic. It was niminy gulosity, she wiste it, but they begat swilk an increment in her recrement, a cupidity that was ineluctable - it was the flurch of post-jentacular flampoints and licious lozens."

Assoc Prof Burridge did not translate - can anyone else?

Wayne Worladge, Melbourne, Australia