AnnaStrophic, I believe, came up with the idea that possibly we, Carol's AWAD family, could do something tangible to show our caring. One of the ideas was to sponsor an issue of the newsletter in her memory. Since Ms. A. is rather busy preparing to move, I wrote to Anu
and asked about this possibility. This evening, I received the following reply from his assistant, Sure G.

Anu informed me about your (some others included) desire to sponsor AWADmail. It is possible to do so. May be you wish to do it on Aug.6 to coincide with the other event. You decide what is best and Anu will follow. Or, any other thing that you find it fitting.

We are with you.

If anyone has any other ideas, please post them here.

From the newsletter:

If you would like to place an advertisement in next week's AWADmail, contact

Oops! Thanks, wow, for pointing out that the http, etc. was added when I made the first post. The newsletter just shows it as an e-mail address. New thread with new info. to be done. Sorry, folks.