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#32960 - 06/21/01 09:12 AM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
Marianna Offline

Registered: 01/09/01
Posts: 427
Loc: Spain
Jazz, I think your design is really really good. Well done you, and thank you for volunteering to give AWAD a facelift!

My only comment is a personal preference for more contrast between text colour and background colour. I find it easier to read the text in the lighter-coloured boxes on the front page than the information on the W.A.D that appears when you click "more", which is directly set on the darker tan background. Again, this is only a preference...

I think the font on the page title looks pretty good, however I do feel a bit like Jackie and Rapunzel about the section headings where you can see the outline of the box behind them... maybe that's also a bit harder on the eyes?

Thanks again for your time and dedication, Jazz!


#32961 - 06/21/01 09:19 AM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
RhubarbCommando Offline

Registered: 08/23/00
Posts: 2204
I agree with previous comments about the clean, uncluttered appearance of your design, Jazzo. 10/10 for that. I have personal reservations about the colour choices, which I find a little too dull, perhaps? But they are not offensive, and I would not be put off by them, were it the first time I had come to the site.
Overall, I am in favour of what you've done - and thank you for putting so much thought and effort into a project that will benefit us all.

#32962 - 06/21/01 09:57 AM Re: The ever-revolving wordsmith.org
maverick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/15/00
Posts: 4757
Great work, Jazzo. And the sooner the 'pretty in pink' is retired, the better! I would tend to agree about outline fonts and keeping high contrast. Well done for an excellent initiative, carried out with skill.

#32963 - 06/21/01 10:24 AM Re: Design change for wordsmith.org
wow Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 11/25/00
Posts: 3439
Loc: New England, USA
My initial reaction was to rear up and think :
"Somebody wants to mess with AWAD! No!"

Then I took a look ... and I am converted!

Lovely, JazzO! I like the golden background .. probably because it's my understanding that yellow is equated with the mind in several Eastern cultures... and Western halos are golden too!
As to the fonts : the san serif is very clean and readable but I have to throw in with having them a bit heavier or in a color other than the light blue, perhaps a bit darker blue against the gold color? I know Dr. Bill has difficulty reading so perhaps you could check with him on readability?
All in all a super-dooper effort. Much applause and a bit of jealousy for all the talent displayed.
Do keep us informed, JazzO. Hurrah for you and Anu too.

#32964 - 06/21/01 10:53 AM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
musick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 12/24/00
Posts: 2661
Loc: Chicago
Everything looks fine!

I would be especially sensitive to download times, and although this means less for a page such as the home page (or index.html) where you want as much as possible available, the current simplicity, load order, as well as the main body of text being as one full page (as each thread loads in flat view) should be maintained (you might not be able to change this anyway). The less fluff the better, and if this site brings any kind of advertisement/banners you will/can count me out for good.

I like the grey background to read black letters from, and to add any strong red (like your tan) or blue hues will effect the tone of the board... it's the same reason people are "complaining" about the pink that is there... any other color theorists here with a brighter light to shed???

... and if you change the grey how are we going to get into the gutter?

#32965 - 06/21/01 10:59 AM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
Bobyoungbalt Offline

Registered: 11/22/00
Posts: 1289
Add me to the list of well-wishers. Great job! I use AOL, which has problems as everyone knows, but no problem getting it to load and it appears to be OK in all respects. I like the colors and the fonts. My only wish is that the small fonts where most of the info and links appear might be bigger -- there seems to be room for the same amount of text in their respective boxes if a slightly larger font were used. My problem is that I wear contact lenses with reading glasses (bifocal reading glasses, of all things, for short and medium range reading, and text on the computer screen falls somewhere in between). Also, I have allergies which, in spite of medications, cause allergic conjunctivitis, so that my eyes water and ooze, causing the contacts to fail to seat properly a good bit of the time, which distorts vision, making it very difficult to read small fonts. (Sorry to inflict all that on you -- this should warn you about what to expect when you get old.) I expect a good many older people will have problems with fonts that small.

#32966 - 06/21/01 11:39 AM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
Hyla Offline

Registered: 12/14/00
Posts: 544
Loc: San Francisco, CA
It looks great! Thanks for the initiative to start it, and kudos on the skill and taste required to execute it so well. When I first read that you had offered to remodel AWAD, I was taken aback - it seemed like sacrilege. Now I've seen what you've done, and I thank you for it.

Great work, Jazzo.

#32967 - 06/21/01 03:20 PM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
wow Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 11/25/00
Posts: 3439
Loc: New England, USA
Mercy! A new and improved AWAD ... and new titles too?

From the comments, looks like you have struck gold!

#32968 - 06/21/01 03:52 PM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
of troy Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 10/17/00
Posts: 5400
Loc: rego park
well i didn't go and check the sourse code for colors..

but if you can, you might want to open the page side by side in EI and netscape-- not all browsers handle color the same-- before you comment on colors-- you must recognize the colors you see, might not be the colors i see.. (there can be a pretty dramitic difference just from AOL/EI/Netscape, not to mention MAC versions.. )

(though all colors that use only the hex value of 0,3,6,9, C and F are supposed to behave the same on all browsers)--

The colors can still be effected by how you have set up your monitor-- some apps, like photo shop-- can change how "colors/contrast" look and value-- as can the age of your monitor..(and i am guessing no one here is still just using 16 colors.. or even 256..)

all this is rather technical (but i bet jazzo, and many other here know of what i speak)
, --ps- jazzo, i asked my son, who is a sometimes visitor to the AWAD word list, but never to AWAD talk, and who uses a text only browser-- to look at it.. and see how it looks in linx.

my other obsession

#32969 - 06/21/01 05:18 PM Re: The ever-evolving wordsmith.org
Jazzoctopus Offline
old hand

Registered: 07/03/00
Posts: 1094
Loc: Cincinnati & Loveland, Ohio, U...
you might want to open the page side by side in EI and netscape

I did this and did notice a fairly obvious color difference, at least on my computer. The Netscape background looked almost pink compared to the intended color. I've fixed that by making the background an image rather than just a brower interpreted color. The background image also changes colors at the 800 pixel mark so those with humongous monitors won't just see a huge blank space.

I also centered everything, this again to make it look better with different monitor sizes.

Byb, as for font sizes, unless I were to use complicated scripting that isn't recognized by very many browsers, I'm unable to do much with them. Currently, HTML only allows for about 6 different font sizes and if I were to go one size up the text would be cumbersomely large. I see the text as the same size as that on this board, except for the news, which I intentionally made smaller to fit better.

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