The voting is now over. The correct expansion is B, the International Association of Sand Castle Builders (improbably founded by some guy in Ohio). Congrats to Paul B. for guessing it exactly right, and to Sparteye and Bingley for voting for the right choice. The posters of the bluff definitions are listed below.

A. International Association of Scrabble Control Boards
rodward - 1 vote
B. International Association of Sand Castle Builders
C. International Association of School and College Burnouts
slovovoi - 0 votes, but my favorite
D. Irregular Assemblage of Sutlers, Colporteurs & Bottlers
nikeblack - 1 vote
E. International Association of Serrated Cardboard Boxmakers
freckled_snout - 1 vote
F. Imperial Arcturan Sybaritic Control Board
Rhubarb Commando's tribute to Douglas Adams - 1 vote
G. International Association of Societies for Commissioning Boards
tsuwm - 2 votes
H. International Association of Sugarmongers, Confectioners & Bakers
Sparteye - 2 votes

Scoring Rules
1. One point is given to each player for every vote (or guess) his phony definition receives.
2. Two points are awarded to each player who chooses the true meaning.
3. Three points are given to the moderator only if none of the players choose the true meaning.
4. Three points are awarded to any player who submits a definition which is similar or very close to the correct meaning.
5. If two or more players submit a definition per rule 4 (in the judgment of the moderator), the round will be thrown out with no points scored (or the moderator can disqualify obvious attempts to sabotage the game :- )
6. A player may vote for her own definition but scores points only for those others she can bluff into also voting for that definition.. (i.e., you can't get a rule 1 point that way!)

And, since we're trying to promote the game, anyone can vote but non-players will receive only one (1) point for a correct guess. should a non-player be the only correct guesser, he will be awarded the rule 2 points (2) and the moderator will be awarded the rule 3 points (3).

Bingley, rodward, nikeblack, freckled_snout & Rhubarb Commando tied with.........1

New round begins tomorrow morning.